WizPick – Red


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36 gauge / 2x2x2x2 barbs / 3 inch / star

Use Red for both medium and coarse wool. Star needles with four sides have high barb density, but still penetrate firm felt easily.

Pick Red

  • to easily penetrate firmer felt.
  • to harden light and moderate density felt in both sculptural and flat felting projects using both stabbing and jiggling actions to the full depth of the felt.
  • to form balls for early stages of sculpturing and to quickly get finer fibres started.
  • to blend flat felt pieces together, including patching holes, using a shallow stabbing action.
  • for joining thicker yarns. If the Red needle is too coarse or it’s action too aggressive, try Peach, which works in a similar way to Red, but is finer.

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