WizPick – Burgundy


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38 gauge / 2x2x2 barbs / 3.5 inch / all-purpose

Use Burgundy for medium wools, such as Corriedale and Halfbred, and initial felting of fine wools and similar fibres, such as Merino, Angora, Alpaca, Silk and fine manmade fibres such as Rayon, Soy silk, Ingeo, if they are being used for the bulk of the project. This needle is not recommended for attaching fine fibres as an embellishment.

Pick Burgundy

  • for deep penetration when felting thicker layers of fibre or for in depth firming of a sculptural project.
  • for 3-dimentional projects and securely attaching blobs of wool as eyes on felted animals For less penetration change to Orange.
  • For joining balls together by inserting needle through one ball and jiggling across the join area before withdrawing the needle to change its position.
  • for creating spots within a smooth surface.

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