Felting Stone – Deepest Green





This handmade by me ceramic felting stone is a great tool for use in wet felting any flat items or 3 dimensional items.

They fit into the palm of your hand and are great  used when you need to agitate the fibres in a certain spot, around the edges or to help attach stubborn fibres like silk and bamboo. I have used it on the shoulders of a garment when it needed extra felting and shaping while on a dress form.

I find that the scalloped shapes are easy to hold, especially if you have small hands.

Small Heart approx 3.25″ or 8.5cm across

Cloud approx 3.75″ or 9cm across

Flower  Approx 3.25″ or 8.5cm across

Hexagon Approx 3.25″ or 8.5cm across

Chicken  approx 3.5″ or 9cm tall

Oval approx 5.25″ or 13.5cm long 

Large Heart approx 4.75″ or 12cm long

Star  approx 4.5″ or 12cm across


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Oval, Cloud, Large Heart, Small Heart, Flower, Hexagon, Chicken, Star