Merino / Yak / Silk Braid – 50g – Natural


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21.5 micron merino, Yak from Tibet,  cultivated silk. 60/20/20

The Yak adds a touch of soft luxury to the merino and silk. This is an amazing fibre blend to spin and when dyed, the soft, brown yak seems to tone the colours down for a more muted or natural tone. When felting, it definitly needs warm water to help with the felting process and will make a gorgeous garment.

Tibetan Yak is a luxury fiber often compared to cashmere and camel down. Yak down is prized for it’s exceptional warmth and softness.  Tibetan yak is luxury fiber that is impossible to resist.

The micron count ranges between 19 -19.5. The staple length 2 inches.


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Natural, Turquoise Tease