Fabulous Fibre Packs – 120g – Orange is the New Pink


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This is an amazing assortment of fibres, with 19.5 micron merino being the star of the show and is backed up by some fun additions like silk, locks, sparkly bits and more!  

I have been busting my stash wide open to put these packs together and they are so fun and all the colours and textures compliment each other so you don’t have to do the thinking or have a huge stash(like mine!!) to choose from! You can get right to work on your spinning or felting project and use these hand selected Fibre Packs packs for interest, depth and texture, you will be a Rock Star of the fibre world!!

Because Each Fabulous Fibre Pack is individually made, they may not look the same as the photo and or contain all of the items on this list but I try my best to get them all in there. 

19.5 Merino top – some commercial dyed and some hand dyed, silk, bamboo, baby camel, alpaca, ramie, long locks, mohair, silk ribbons, Firestar,  angelina,  viscose,  novelty yarns, and anything else I can find to put in them that is interesting and fun to create with

Each Fabulous Fibre pack is 120g of fibrey fun!