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PRO WashFast Acid Dyes are designed to permanently dye protein fibres — animal fibres like wool, silk, angora, mohair, alpaca, soy silk, and nylon. These dyes are very concentrated and therefore only require a small amount,┬áProChem recommends Ammonium Sulphate (for pastel to medium shades) or Citric Acid Crystals (for pastel to dark shades).

Acid dyeing is super fun and easy and I have used Vinegar or Citric Acid with excellent results on many different techniques.

One ounces (28 grams) of dye powder will dye 6 pounds (2.72 kilograms) of wool to a medium shade.

PLEASE NOTE: The following colors may not completely exhaust when doing an immersion bath, even after adding more acid at the end of the dyeing: Rhodamine Red 370, Hot Pink 337, Turquoise 478 and Black 672 when dyed at a 5% depth of shade

These colours are a representation of the actual dye. Colors may vary due to your computer settings. Please test colors before beginning a project requiring an exact color match.

1oz (28g)

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