Mermaid – February 2022 Fibre Box


Mermaid, the goddess of the ocean. Imagine the glittering scales of blues, greens and purples with touches of gold, flowing through the silky blue water of some mystical, tropical sea. Wouldn’t we all like to be there right about now?!!

BFL or Bluefaced Leicester wool – longer wool staple than merino and a super nice fibre to spin. bouncey with a gorgeous lustre, great for felting and needle felting.

BFL Locks – these locks came from an Alberta farm and it was a really nice fleece. Long locks that are really soft and well defined. These locks are great for adding to art yarns or the fringe on a felted scarf.

Mulberry silk – sooooo shiny and soft!! 

Ramie – a flowering plant in the nettle family and  is one of the oldest fibre crops, having been used for at least 6,000 years, and is principally used for fabric production. it is fun to add to batts for spinning and gives a great texture when felting.

Firestar – dyeable nylon that adds the best sparkle to any project, even eco printing!!  

A little goes a long way!

Viscose – cellulose fibre usually made from wood pulp. This stuff is fantastic wet felted onto wool!!  It gives amazing texture and I just love the lustre it has. I am starting to experiment with it in batts for spinning some funky yarns.

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The goal of the Blue Moon Fibre Club is to share some favourite, and maybe unique to you, amazing fibres and colour ways to inspire creativity and appreciation for what these fibres can do, and hopefully teach you something new every month. For the Blue Moon Fibre Club subscription, I only select the highest quality fibres, in a range of inspiring colours and textures.

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