Prefelt Colour Bundle


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This is an amazing bundle of coloured prefelt pieces!!

Each Colour Bundle is approximately 50g and contains 6 colours of commercially dyed prefelt and 2 hand dyed colours. Each piece measures about 6″ x 12″ and so there is a lot of prefelt to play with in this little Bundle of Colour Joy! 

Pre felt is a commercially made “semi-finished” felt.  It is not a strong finished material and therefore it needs to be fully felted using soap and water to achieve its final form.

   For soft edges, tear it
• For defined edges, cut it
• Cut out shapes to lay on top of laid out roving
• For nuno felting precise shapes onto your base fabric
• Use it as a base layer when making garment • Baste pieces together for a larger felt
• For depth of colour, layer different colours of prefelt and they felt together
• Mix it up with roving — lay roving on top, connect cut-out pieces with bits of roving, lay pre-felt shapes onto your laid out roving.
• Use as a base for needle felting — you might want to double it up for a very sturdy background, or wetfelt a collage of pre-felt, then needle on top
• Use for Upwolfing 
• Add extra layers where you need your felt to be thicker – while saving time


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