About Us

Blue Moon Studio is now a subsidiary of Fibre2Fabric. Fibre2Fabric is a family company bringing all sorts of fibre related products to market.

Cyndi has been sewing and knitting for more years than she can remember. Coming from a long line of seamstresses and knitters cemented her fate for having a love of all fibre arts.
Sharing her love with her two daughters has culminated in a team effort to share their love with the world.

Megan first began her knitting journey at only ten years old. She took a small hiatus and picked it back up again in about 2014. Since then she has become shawl obsessed, and gone down the rabbit hole of many other fibre arts including crochet, spinning, weaving, and needlework. Also, she is totally of the belief that collecting yarn and using it are completely separate hobbies.

Alicia has been an artist since she could use her hands. She’s dabbled with many mediums over the years but has decided fibre art is her happy place. She mainly fills her time with spinning yarn or making an array of creatures and clothing with needle felting, crocheting, and sewing.

We follow in our founder’s footsteps (the lovely Andrea Revoy) by searching out high quality and unique fibres needed by fibre artists for the texture and lustre desired for beautiful hand spun yarns and felted projects. Quality workmanship, attention to detail and a sense of humour are all values that we share.

We can supply your habit.